3 Months English Speaking Course With LIVE Classes

3 Months English Speaking Course With LIVE Classes

English Speaking Course with Live Classes is a very successful online english language training program. It has following five components 1-Grammar, 2-Vocabulary, 3-spelling, 4-Alphabet Videos, 5-Live Classes. These components are designed as such to ensure a comprehensive & smooth learning curve. The next section contains a summery of some of the componets.

GRAMMAR The topics covered in Grammar section of the are 1-Articles, 2-Prepositions, 3-Conjunction, 4-Singular and Plural Nouns, 5-Degrees of Comparisons, 6-Noun, 7-Noun Clause, 8-Pronoun, 9-Adjective, 10-Adjective Clause, 11-Adverb, 12-Adverb Clause, 13-Modal, 14-Sentence, 15-Subject Verb Agreement, 16-Tense, 17-Active Passive Voice, 18-Direct Indirect Speech. All of these topics have following structure.

  1. Lesson to explain the topic/concept in detail.
  2. Exercises to implement the topic/concept in real time scenarios.
  3. Quiz to further enhance the understanding of the topic/concept.
  4. Total No. of Lessons: 18
  5. Total No. of Exercises: 144

VOCABULARY Vocabulary Training Course for English Speaking charts out 16 important categories of words and further 10 categories of phrasal verbs to helping an individual hold more efficient daily conversations.

  1. Total No. of Lessons: 26
  2. Total No. of Exercises: 182

VIDEOS TO UNDERSTADING BASICS This English Speaking Course has a set of videos for basics of ENGLISH language.

LIVE CLASSES +60 hours LIVE CLASSES to explain component mentioned above to develop a natural understanding to ENLISH LANGUAGE.

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